Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions do you work with?2021-03-05T10:53:10-06:00

Amy has helped hundreds of clients gain improvements and success with the following conditions:

  • Gastrointestinal complaints (IBS, Diarrhea, Constipation, Abdominal pain/bloating, SIBO, Heartburn/Reflux/GERD)
  • Food sensitivities, with the goal of identifying and correcting, if possible
  • MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome), POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)
  • Autoimmune conditions, with a focus on gastrointestinal health, nutrient optimization, and anti-inflammatory support
  • Diabetes, Prediabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health (elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure), Fatty liver disease
  • End-stage liver disease & Cirrhosis, Congestive Heart Failure

If you do not see your particular concern here, it’s recommended you book a discovery call to clarify your concerns. It’s really not possible to list all the conditions with which Amy has experience in her 12 years as a dietitian. It may just be best to ask!  😉

What is a discovery call?2021-03-05T11:04:50-06:00

A discovery call is a designated time for you to clarify any details you need to move forward and work with Amy. We try to answer any questions you may have on this website, but you may still have some remaining. A discovery call is also the best way to avoid playing phone tag with our office. A discovery call is not required before you first visit, however, it is highly recommended.

Do you take insurance?2021-03-14T18:38:42-06:00

Yes. Redo Nutrition participates with Cigna, United Healthcare, and Humana. HSA cards are accepted whether you are in or out of network. We expect to add more insurance providers to this list soon. However, you may even have coverage if you are out of network. If you are a new client, set up a discovery call to verify coverage. 

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How much do you charge?2021-03-05T11:05:01-06:00

For all the juicy details, visit the Work with Me page.  Redo Nutrition attempts to be as transparent as possible about pricing.

For those with insurance coverage:
Face-to-face time (in a virtual visit) can be filed to insurance, and you will be responsible for any remaining copay, coinsurance, or deductible as dictated by your insurance. Your credit card on file will be charged for this remaining amount after your insurance has processed your claim. Lab or test review time is not eligible for insurance coverage.

For those without insurance coverage:
If you are not utilizing insurance, you are eligible for prompt-pay discount pricing of $150/hr. This price applies to the face-to-face time in our appointments, as well as test and labs review.

Payment Policy
Where are you located?2021-03-14T18:08:31-06:00

Redo Nutrition, LLC is officially located in Lenexa, Kansas. See “How will we meet?” for more details.

I think I’m ready to book with you… How do I book?2023-05-27T14:34:41-06:00

Utilize the Work with Me page to determine how to start. A discovery call is required to determine if we are the right fit for each other.  This is how you can get questions answered about insurance coverage, logistics of how we meet, and pricing, even though many of these questions are available on this website for your convenience.


How will we meet?2023-05-27T14:35:49-06:00

We are a completely virtual practice. You will be given directions on this process during a discovery call. If you are not comfortable with using this approach, this may not be a good fit. We also rely heavily on our portal (Practice Better), so you will need to have some comfort level with technology, as we do not make special accommodations other than some basic support.

What can I expect from my visit?2021-03-05T11:06:10-06:00

Before your visit, you will be asked to complete a variety of forms that help Amy to know your history and current health situation. This will guide much of the conversation at the initial visit.  This visit will be all about developing a personalized plan for you.  So expect a lot of questions and have any supplement bottles nearby, as Amy is very hands-on with supplements and wants to make sure we have documented them correctly.

Amy operates from a Functional Medicine perspective, meaning that the goal is to get to the ROOT of your health issues. Even diet can be used as a bandaid. An example of this is someone who is on a very restrictive diet to manage symptoms.  While bandaids have a place, they are not meant to resolve the main problem. It’s important to clarify that there are exceptions, such as with certain food allergies or celiac disease, where foods are expected to be avoided lifelong. So you can expect your visit to have a long-term goal in mind while we work to address your most acute issues.

At the end of your visit, depending on your specific situation, you can expect to either do testing and/or intervene with a few supplements and/or diet changes. The process will always be tailored to your goals and your budget. There is no one-size-fits-all thinking here.


Do I need a referral?2021-03-05T11:06:26-06:00

It depends on your insurance. If you are not using insurance, then you don’t need a referral. If you do plan to utilize your insurance, referrals are not usually required but may help when verifying your insurance coverage.  If you are a new client, set up a discovery call to determine if this is the case. 

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Can you order testing?2021-03-14T18:13:08-06:00

Amy can order a variety of tests. Amy utilizes standard labs as well as more comprehensive testing. Amy has experience with and utilizes the following tests:  LabCorp, MRT Food Sensitivity testing, Vibrant Labs (leaky gut, wheat zoomer, and more), GI Map Comprehensive Stool Testing, DUTCH Hormone testing, Great Plains, Genova, Doctors Data. Every test consideration is done on a case-by-case basis, and there is no one test that Amy requires across the board on every client. Amy is sensitive to clients’ budgets and will only recommend testing that will guide/support the nutrition care plan.  Amy is also willing to work with your primary care provider to recommend and facilitate labs that he or she can order to optimize insurance coverage.

Any test Amy orders will not be submitted or eligible for insurance coverage. Additionally, you may be charged for the time Amy spends reviewing your test results & compiling a care plan. However, there are no surprises here, and Amy will be very clear about pricing to help you decide if you can afford the recommended testing before the testing is ordered.

Will you communicate with my doctor?2021-03-14T18:14:17-06:00

If you request it, Redo Nutrition can send our consultation notes or letters to your other healthcare providers. Consult notes are sent at no extra charge, as a courtesy. However, a fee may be required for communication to another provider, when a letter is drafted (such as when you want us to request lab orders).

Do you work with children?2021-03-05T11:06:56-06:00

Amy does work with children & teenagers on a case-by-case basis and usually for gastrointestinal complaints or food sensitivities. Amy does not work with children or teenagers for the purpose of losing weight or for eating disorders. Please book a discovery call to ensure this is the best fit.

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Can you design a menu for me?2021-03-05T11:07:14-06:00

Amy does not design menus. This is often what people think of when they think of meal plans. However, Amy helps with creating a meal structure, if that is what is needed. For example, conditions like diabetes do well with some general mealtime goals, and meal ideas are also discussed. But a straight-up “menu” will not be created.

Do you use supplements?2021-03-05T11:07:21-06:00

Amy has found supplements to be very helpful in complementing a client’s care plan. Amy usually relies on a combo of diet and supplements to aid in more food freedom and diet variety. Usually, when we are addressing GI complaints, supplements are very critical for this process. Amy will make very specific recommendations based on your situation.

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