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Insurance Providers Accepted

Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare

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Start with a FREE 15-minute discovery call. Experience why Amy’s clients love her approach and trust her expertise. This call is not required, but highly recommended before purchasing a package.

Recommended Packages and Features

Redo Nutrition offers three discounted packages to help you save money while Amy guides you on the path to wellness. Each package includes a discount on the standard hourly consult rate in addition to other exclusive benefits. Payment plans available.

At this time, do not choose a package if your insurance is in-network with Redo Nutrition and you would like to utilize insurance.

Discovery Call – 15 minutes – FREE

Want to see if working with Amy is the right fit for you? This brief phone call is a great way to find out. In this call, you can clarify what you are looking for, and Amy can share how she can uniquely support your needs, as well as tools that Amy utilizes to support your care. This call is not required, but highly recommended before purchasing a package.

Individual visits

Initial Consult – 90 minutes – $225.00

This is the choice when it is your first time working with Amy (discovery call not required, but recommended). If the visit goes shorter or longer, your cost will vary, as you are paying based on time spent. However, most initial visits last about 1 ½ hours. This visit also involved a thorough review of your history and health timeline. You will be asked to complete paperwork in order for Amy to obtain a good overall background of your current health status, and be ready for your visit.

Follow-up visit – 60 minutes – $150.00

Most follow-up visits tend to run an hour, at least earlier in your health journey. The visit will be booked for 1 hour with a buffer to go longer if needed, but if the visit is shorter than that, you will not be required to pay for the full hour. But if the visit goes longer, you are expected to pay for time spent.

Shortened Follow-Up Visit – 30 minutes – $75.00

Shorter follow-up visit. Only recommended to use this if you have already worked with Amy more than once, and she recommends this visit.

For individual visits, payment is required at the time of appointments (invoice sent after the visit, and is based on time spent face to face). All packages and payments are non-refundable. Payment policy required at time of booking appt. Credit card required to be on file at time of booking, for cancellations.

Payment Policy

Redo Nutrition, LLC strives to ensure a clear understanding of your financial responsibility with respect to the medical nutrition therapy services we provide. These policies apply to all services.

Credit card must be on file in order to book any appointments, other than the initial discovery call.

Insurance: Redo Nutrition, LLC is currently in-network with some insurances and will file to your insurance, if they are in-network.

In-Network: Cigna PPO and OAP plans, United Healthcare, Humana. Current as of 12-1-2020. Insurance will be filed at no charge. Understand that being “in-network” is still not a guarantee of coverage. Your individual policy may or may not have nutrition coverage. You are encouraged to contact your insurance to verify coverage.

Out-of-Network: Payment for visit/services is required at time of service. We are not currently filing to out-of-network insurances… However, after your payment has been received/processed, we can provide you with a superbill if you request it. (A superbill is a type of receipt with billing codes that you can submit to your insurance. You might get your visit covered, at which point your insurance would reimburse you directly. Insurance coverage is in no way guaranteed).

Medicare: Redo Nutrition, LLC is not a Medicare provider, however, we request that you disclose if you are under Medicare, as Medicare requires we provide you with an ABN form. This form is a disclosure form that makes you aware of your costs and that Medicare does not cover it. Note, that you can still utilize our services, but this you must acknowledge that your visit is out of pocket, and not covered by Medicare. Redo Nutrition, LLC will keep this form for our records, and a form will also be made available to you.

Payments: We usually accept cash, check, and all major credit & debit cards. ***However, during the current pandemic, all visits are required to be virtual, therefore, any payment must be made via credit or debit card.*** You will be required to provide credit card information in order to book an appointment. The card will not be charged until after your visit, and it will be charged based on time spent. If you are using insurance, this is card is still required to be on file for copays (if necessary), for remaining balances after insurance is filed (if necessary). This card may also be charged for cancellation or no-show fees (more below). Yes, even if we are filing to insurance, this must card be on file. Your information will be stored in a secure system/website (Practice Better), and will not be kept/stored outside of this safe system.

We reserve the right to require payment for services to be made at or before the time of service. However, at this time, if your insurance is in network, you will only be required to pay a copay at the time of service (if your insurance requires it), and the rest will be filed to insurance.

All packages must be paid for in full or via payment plan, as specified in the package description. Unless already paid for as part of a package, all in-person visits require payment at time of service, and all virtual visits will be invoiced. Invoice payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Redo Nutrition, LLC reserves the right to send accounts to collections for balances not paid after receipt of two invoices for the same bill. Invoices would be sent if for some reason a credit or debit card did not process correctly.

Self-pay rate is $150/hr. Various package options are also available which offer discounts when visits are bundled together and purchased in advance as a package. Payment plans are available for packages only, as specified in the package description.

Outstanding balances: In the event that your account is placed for collection, a collection fee will be added to your account, along with any attorney fees and/or court costs that may be necessary for recovery of the outstanding balance. In the event of an NSF check or inability to process a credit or debit card, a $30 NSF charge may be added to the balance due.

Cancellation Fee: We reserve the right to charge your credit card on file if you do not call and cancel your appointment within the time-frames listed below. Notification allows the provider to see another patient who needs to be cared for that day. We reserve the right to charge $75 to your credit card if you do not call and cancel your appointment 48 hours ahead of time for all regular scheduled appointments. If you have already purchased a package, this charge is reduced to $25.

No-Show Fee: If you fail to give notice of cancellation, and do not “show” for your appointment, you will be charged for the amount of time that was booked. This amount is provided in your booking information. For example, for initial visits, the charge is $225, for follow up visits $150, and for shortened-follow up visits, $75. The same applies to clinician consults, where the charge would be $65 for a 30-minute slot.

Lab review time: We bill for time spent reviewing test results and implementing test results into a potential plan. The time varies, depending on the complexity of the test. In the spirit of transparency, this price will be presented at the time a test is recommended, in addition to the price of the test itself, before you choose to purchase any testing. It will be at the rate of $150/hr.

I authorize Redo Nutrition, LLC to keep my signature on file and to charge my credit card (held in our secure system) for:

  1. Charges associated with appointments that are not cancelled within the timeframes listed above, for no-shows, for actual visit charges, for copays, and for remaining balances after my insurances has been processed.
  2. Charges associated with packages and payment plans (available for packages only).