About Amy Schleper

Amy Schleper, MS, RDN, LD, CDE - Kansas City Dietitian and NutritionistAmy began work as a registered dietitian in 2009.  Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology from the University of Kansas (2004), a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Kansas State University (2008), and a Master of Science in Nutrition from KU Medical Center (2013).  Amy obtained her Certified Diabetes Educator credential (CDE) in November 2015.

She has worked at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, gaining experience in heart and liver transplant nutrition.  She has also worked at College Park Family Care Center in the Kansas City area, providing nutrition counseling in a primary care setting, where she was also part of a multi-disciplinary Functional Medicine Clinic.

Her integrative experience includes contract work in the development and modification of the Core Food Plan for the Institute for Functional Medicine. She has worked as a research assistant for Genovive, a direct-to-consumer nutrigenomics-based company.  Amy has co-authored 2 studies through KU Medical Center.  She has also been an invited speaker for a number of professional events in the Kansas City area.  


Published Studies

Effects of Immunonutrition for Cystectomy on Immune Response and Infection Rates: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial.

Weight Management to Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk: A Survey of Men’s Needs and Interests



In addition to running her own private practice, Amy is currently co-leading a professional online course to train clinicians (especially dietitians) in applying nutrigenomics in clinical practice.

In May 2018, Amy was honored with an award for Outstanding Dietitian of the Year, by the Kansas City Dietetics’ Association.  Amy has extensive experience in blood sugar management, and she has a special interest in gastrointestinal concerns, identifying food sensitivities, and in autoimmune disease.

Amy is currently accepting new clients.